5 Elegant and Fun Decor Ideas for Your Sustainable Wooden Christmas Tree

5 Elegant and Fun Decor Ideas for Your Sustainable Wooden Christmas Tree

Are you looking for unique, eco-friendly, multi-functional decor to spruce up your space? While you might think that Christmas decorations, including trees, are only good for a month or two, we have found Mooi Space’s Wooden Christmas Tree (Comes in large and small) to be the perfect way to keep your tree around for the whole season, and even longer! The sustainable, one-of-a-kind wooden pieces are easy to assemble to help quickly bring your creative vision alive. Here are a few ideas to repurpose your wooden tree.

5 Tips for Decorating Your Wooden Tree Year-Round

With minimalist style and charm, this sustainable, multi-functional tree is an elegant addition to any space and provides a perfect canvas for making it your own. Here are a few tips to help your imagination run wild:

#1 - Paint Your Own for a Touch of Personal Style and Flair

#1 Paint Your Own for a Touch of Personal Style and Flair

Let your inner artist shine with a blank canvas (aka this wooden tree), and truly make it your own. Using any craft or acrylic paint, create a one-of-a-kind look for your tree that reflects your personality and tastes. Whether you like bold, bright colors or more subtle, earthy tones, you can customize the tree to suit any decor style.

#2 - Add Dimension and Layers with Garland or Tinsel

#2 Add Dimension and Layers with Garland or Tinsel

Tie faux (or real) garland pieces to the wooden branches and layer in gold or silver tinsel. Adding layered dimensions to your tree gives you a pop of color and texture that draws the eye and brightens your space. And remember to hang those ornaments too! 

#3 - Upcoming release for a Sentimental Touch

#3 Upcoming release for a Sentimental Touch

We are always finding different ways to utilize our wooden tree for year-round use. That’s why we are very excited about our upcoming new release! For this one, You can print a few photos to hang on the branches or clip them on with wooden clothespins! It would look so cute side by side with the heart ornaments. This idea creates beautiful sentiments during the holidays and is excellent for all of life’s celebratory moments. It will fill your tree with memories and stories as it becomes a decorative focal point filled with the smiling faces of those you love.

Perhaps you’re looking for an eye-catching tabletop setting for a bachelorette party? Clip snapshots of your bridesmaids and bridal party to showcase your favorite fun memories. You may need a centerpiece for your rehearsal dinner. Clip on photos of the bride and groom and revel in their love story.

And who knows, if you threw a bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner, you may soon be throwing a baby shower too! When the time comes, reuse the wooden tree and clip on mom-to-be decorations, photos, and other adorable baby-related trinkets. What’s even better? You can always color those hearts to fit your baby’s gender.

The possibilities are endless!

#4 - Reuse & Upcycle to make DIY Eco-Friendly Decor

Image from Pillar Box Blue

#4 Reuse & Upcycle to make DIY Eco-Friendly Decor

The large and small wooden trees are sustainable and made from natural wood. You can also stay on the eco-friendly theme and decorate your tree by reusing or upcycling items around your house (or old ornaments). 

Do you have Christmas light bulbs that are out of commission? Paint or dust them in glitter, tie some string around the base, and voila, you’ve given new life to lights that may have ended up in your trash bin. Avoid throwing away old clothing with this simple DIY, eco-friendly decor idea. All you need is old fabric, scissors, cotton balls, needle, thread, and string! Simply cut out two versions of the shape you want, stitch them together, stuff them with cotton before fully closing the stitch, and then weave a loop of string through the top to hang. To see a step-by-step tutorial on how to make upcycled fabric ornaments, visit here

#5 - Make Your Furry Friend Happy with a Treat Tree

#5 Make Your Furry Friend Happy with a Treat Tree

This pet-friendly decorating idea is easy to do and will have your furry friend wagging their tail with joy. All you need is your pet’s favorite treat and some string. Tie the string around the treat and hang them all over your wooden tree. Our sustainable wooden trees are made of natural wood, so you can rest easy knowing it’s non-toxic and safe. If you’re a pet parent, there is no need to worry about accidents.

Whether you’re decorating for a holiday or want a minimalist decorative piece, The Wooden Tree is perfect for adding to your arsenal of sustainable, upcycling home decor.