Betwixt and Between

Creating Quality of Life to Cope With Uncertainty

The modern age is quite a rollercoaster, isn’t it?


What with our busy schedules that seem to keep growing by the day and the dominance of technology that has us “plugged in” 24/7, it’s very difficult to find the time to really look after ourselves and our loved ones – financially, mentally, and emotionally.


In the midst of our hectic lives, we seem to have forgotten all the rituals and activities that contribute to our mental wellbeing – we no longer live with conscious intent, and this had led to increased levels of depression and anxiety across the board. Women, men, children, adults. Mooi Space was created to help people return to the activities that make life worth living – creating connections with those around them with gifts and decorations while also engaging in some much-needed self-care.

We Want To Help

Mooi Space was founded by five women who could see the need for a return to quality of life. So, instead of creating designs that would be sold to the retailer, we decided to connect directly with you – the end user.


As women, we have also faced the ups and downs of today’s complex world, and we wanted to help others handle daily stressors to improve their quality of life – whether this is gift buying, home decorating, or managing feelings of anxiety and depression.

Get New Rituals Going

To this end, we focused our energies on helping households establish new rituals that could stabilize the family unit during the modern age’s relentless uncertainties. The ritual doesn’t have to be fancy, but it must help people connect with each other.


As part of this journey, we design beautiful decorations, trinkets, and pampering products that help you celebrate life.

Promoting Animal Welfare & Sustainability

Other passions of ours include pets and sustainability. You’ll see that all our designs and creations are guided by the principles of sustainability – nothing goes to waste.


Our understanding of the entire supply chain has armed us with the expertise we need to create products that are eco-friendly, and what we sell furthers Cats In Need. (La Habra, CA)