Clean is Cool Soap Sticks – Where Hygiene Meets Sustainability

Clean is Cool Soap Sticks – Where Hygiene Meets Sustainability

We have all been washing our hands more than ever before in our current environment. With all of the soap use being increased, our environmental impact is also being amplified. Every soap bottle we go through in our home is another plastic bottle being added to the problematic waste problem. It adds up not only for the environment, but for our own wallets, as well!

Sustainable Soap Products that Reduce Plastic

Every year, over a billion plastic bottles that contain body wash end up in the garbage or recycling. Of that massive number, 75% of the bottles make their way to landfills. Using our biodegradable and ocean-friendly soap products is simple: you fill your reusable soap dispenser with warm water, drop a few soap sticks in the bottle, let them dissolve, mix the soap by shaking well, then voila – ready-to-use soap without the plastic waste!
Clean Is Cool soap sticks are made from all-natural ingredients, which means they are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free. When you’re washing your hands as often as we do these days, we need to be using hand soap we can trust is safe for both the environment and our skin.

Soap Sticks Versus Bar Soap

The previous solution to avoiding plastic waste with soap use has been bar soap, but bar soap comes with its own issues. First, it’s slippery and isn’t shaped well for our hands. Beyond that, it seems after just one use, soap dishes end up soaking wet, causing the soap to start sticking to the dish itself. Most importantly, bar soap becomes infested with the germs of everyone that uses it. Soap sticks help you avoid all of those problems, especially when you consider their use as soap refills.

Mess-Free Refillable Soap

Refilling soap with a massive, plastic, refill container can quickly become a cleanup job no one wants. With Clean Is Cool soap sticks, you can avoid the messy situation entirely. Our soap sticks are intentionally shaped to perfectly fit in the opening of soap dispensers. The most difficult aspect of refilling your soap with Clean Is Cool is adding water. There’s no need to try to perfect your timing of pouring soap from the big refill container to your soap dispenser. Clean Is Cool soap sticks provide you with mess-free refillable soap – every time.

Multi-Purpose Natural Soap That Can Be Used Anywhere

You can bring a soap stick with you on-the-go. You can use them on the plane during travel, during a beach trip – you can even have your kids bring it to school for use there! Soap sticks allow you to avoid using any soap that supports the plastic waste problem.