Emotional Personal Care: Setting New Year Resolutions to Embrace the Self

Emotional Personal Care: Setting New Year Resolutions to Embrace the Self

The new year is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to renew and start fresh with intent. But what should you set as your new year’s resolution? How about committing to emotional wellbeing by improving how you care for yourself as you navigate the new year?

Make yourself a priority as you set your intentions and resolutions for the new year. The world can deliver trying times, and it is vital to embrace self-care to traverse the curveballs daily life throws our way.

Tidy your space, cleanse your emotions, give back to the environment, and devote deserved attention to your emotional wellbeing.

Forget about those dull, cliche new year’s resolutions like “eat healthier” or “exercise.” Imagine how good it will feel ditching the pressures of the constant barrage of new year’s resolutions that focus on the physical, outer world. Switch your focus and cleanse your emotions.

While cleansing is a word that evokes thoughts and imagery of hygiene and physical cleanliness, it can present magical outcomes when applied emotionally.

Here are some of our favorite ideas to promote emotional cleansing and tidiness via new year’s resolutions.

Pamper Yourself

Soak In A Bubble Bath
Allowing yourself the luxury of a relaxing bubble bath certainly comes with many health benefits, but it can also help you unwind and release the stress of life. Pausing to be still and turning your attention inward will recharge your soul.

Wash Away Emotional Stress
Cleanse your body, mind, and spirit with the Pause and Unwind Shampoo Bar. It is ocean-friendly, biodegradable, and gives off calming scents of lavender, honey, rosemary, musk, and patchouli. Massage your scalp, take in the relaxing scent, and cleanse away any emotional turmoil held within. And you can also rest easy knowing you’ve selected a product that supports the environment around you.

In this new year, allow yourself to take time luxuriating in self-care.

Engage in Aromatherapy

Whether you choose to experience soothing scents through facial steamers, bath products, or aromatic sprays, the many benefits of aromatherapy remain ever-present. Aromatherapy can aid in treating many conditions, from depression to inflammation to asthma. Cleanse your emotions through relaxing smells.

Our favorite way to infuse aromatherapy into regular, daily routines is through the Pause and Refresh Bar Soap. Like its shampoo counterpart, this soap is ocean-friendly and biodegradable while giving off soothing aromas to promote relaxation and emotional cleansing. The smells of tangerine, pear, jasmine, cedar, and amber will leave you feeling nurtured and refreshed.

Promote Environmental Health

We need soap and other hygiene products to take care of ourselves. The downside? They often come in plastic packages that take up unnecessary space and damage the environment. Personal hygiene and sustainability create excellent inspiration for a new year’s resolution that promotes emotional cleansing, tidiness, and environmental health.

Ditch the plastic, avoid messy soap refills, and support the atmosphere around you using Clean Is Cool Soap Sticks. The product is a game-changer for doing good for yourself and the world.

Connect With Loved Ones

Introverts need time away from others to recharge. However, remembering to connect with those we love is essential to our mental health. If you have difficulty expressing how you feel and tend to prefer the company of your own time, finding creative ways to engage with people in your life can be a solid foundation for a new year’s resolution.

Set a goal to send a few greeting cards with messages you’ve been struggling to convey. By expressing your thoughts through the mail, you can remain present for those you care for while simultaneously offering them insight to understand how you prefer to navigate life.

No matter how you plan to set your new year’s resolutions, remember to embrace yourself with the love and attention you deserve. Cleanse your emotions, stay true to who you are, and engage in tidiness to promote a clutter-free mind.