Mindful & Intentional Spring Cleaning: Reset Your Space and Your Mind

Do you feel like it’s time for a change? Maybe your home feels cluttered and chaotic, or you can’t shake the feeling that something is missing?

It may be time for a spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning is a chance to reset your space and your mind. Giving your home a good scrub can help release negative energy built up from the winter months. With a little bit of mindfulness and intentionality, you can create a fresh start for the spring season.

What Habits Cause Clutter?

Have you paused for a moment to ask yourself, “how do I want my space to make me feel?” Doing so can be beneficial to embrace a mindful and intentional approach to this year’s spring cleaning. After all, a cluttered space not only presents challenges for cleaning and organization, but clutter also hurts our physical and mental health.

So, what can we do?

The first step to mindful spring cleaning is identifying what habits cause clutter in your life. Here are a few common culprits:

Items Don’t Have A Home

A significant cause of clutter is not having a place for everything. If you have stuff all over the floor because it doesn’t have its “home” elsewhere, this can lead to feelings of frustration and anxiety, further exacerbating clutter.

No System For Managing Day-to-Day Items

Another source of clutter is not having a system in place for managing all the things that come into your life on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s papers from work, bills, receipts, important documents, clothes you try on but don’t end up wearing, all the way to your email inbox.

Full Inboxes & Jumbled Desktops

Speaking of digital clutter, if your computer’s desktop is full of icons and random files that aren’t tucked away in digital files (or maybe you have several USB drives scattered about), you may be feeling a stir of overwhelm. 

Four Tips To Simplify Spring Cleaning 

  1. Give Everything a Home: Give everything a home so that spring cleaning is more about the deep cleaning of hard-to-reach spaces and not picking up strewn items like jewelry and paperwork. Jewelry boxes and filing systems can be conducive to offering a home to your life’s daily things. 
  2. Make Your Bed Everyday: This tip alone can help you start your day off right and feel less stressed during busy times like spring cleaning. Making your bed will give you a small sense of accomplishment and make it easier to tackle other tasks throughout the day with less anxiety or overwhelm.
  3. Build Systems to Build Habits: Take a time to intentionally process the various aspects cluttering your daily life. Being mindful about what’s working and what isn’t can help you improve systems that help you reset your space and reset your mind. Be easy on yourself, and in time, you may find that you’re building habits that ease a bit of stress.
  4. Tend to Your Digital Space: It’s easy to forget about our digital spaces; however, they are just as important as your physical space. If there’s an app on your phone that you haven’t used in months, see if you can get rid of it! Also, organize the various files living on your desktop by offering them a home in digital file folders.

Do something kind for yourself and take some time to evaluate what you can do to ease spring cleaning challenges and transform it into a mindful & intentional process.